Faculty Exchange

Exchange of
and Graduate
Students Abroad
and International

Max Kade
Language Centers
These grants offer assistance to American Universities and
qualified research institutions for postdoctoral exchange
research projects. The participating universities determine the
training and research, and select the research scholars. Visiting
scholars from Germany and Austria are nominated by their
home institutions and are screened and processed by their  
respective Academy of Sciences.
In view of the conviction that exceptional students must be
exposed to distinguished minds to stimulate and inspire them,  
and in the belief that the exchange of scholars is not only
essential to the advancement of knowledge, but is also one of
the most promising roads for better understanding, the
foundation makes limited funds available for “Distinguished
Visiting Professorships” in the field of foreign language and
literature. The selection of the scholars is left to the
independent judgment of the university. These awards are
granted on a challenge basis to supplement the cost so as to
provide incentive for enlisting the interest and active support for
the institution in question.
This program seeks to offer assistance to American
universities and colleges in their effort to increase the
competence of prospective academic experience abroad. The
concept of study at a foreign university is the most helpful
means of approaching efficiency in a foreign language and
culture.  Grants are also available to American universities and
colleges interested in attracting graduate students seeking a
masters or Ph.D. degree in Germanic studies.
These grants are closely related to the program of language
study and the effort to increase the competence of language
teachers. In order to strengthen quality and effectiveness of
teaching and learning a foreign language, the Foundation
has established language centers (Max Kade Houses) at
qualified universities and colleges in the U.S. and Germany.  
The facilities made available usually include meeting and
lecture rooms, lounges, sleeping quarters, as well as a library.